What we do

AdvisorRater provides a Free Anonymous Automated Evaluation of your investment accounts. The AdvisorRater program will tell you if the fees you are paying your financial advisor have been worth it or not. We will examine the performance and returns of your account and compare them to passive benchmarks to Independently review you advisor. We then display this information in a very easy to read format.

What we reveal

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After working in investments for over 10 years, we were tired of seeing financial advisors rip people off! We want to help people save thier money and make money at their full potential!

What’s in it for us?

While we are a mission-driven firm and really do want users to save money by offering them the free AdvisorRater service, we may sometimes make money through advertising and affiliate marketing.  For example, if your advisor sucks, we may recommend a low cost robo-advisor like Betterment which will manage your portfolio for you for only 0.15% annually. That’s roughly 1 / 10th of the typical advisor fees!  Anyways, if we refer you to a robo-advisor, or any other advisor, we may get paid for that.  Although we are advocates of low-cost investment advice, we promise not to let that bias our results in any way!!

Un-Biased Results

AdvisorRater is an independent company and website, unaffiliated with any other firm.  The analysis and opinions on our site are those of AdvisorRater only and follow our guidelines to ensure editorial integrity.  The AdvisorRater tool is mathematically-based, and compares your account to well known indexes like the S+P 500. We have had independent third parties verify the results of our service.

How does it work?

You enter a few pieces of information about your investment account, like the returns, and the dates between which those returns were achieved, and we compare to the S+P 500, the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index, and a Dow Jones Index based on the riskiness of your portfolio.  See the example above or Try AdvisorRater Now!